WordPress CMS is probably the first choice for web site content as it can be substantially improved to control your content.

WordPress is the World’s most used CMS – and there’s a reason for that

There is a lot of internet talk about WordPress CMS and how unsafe it is due to security. This is not true as long as the software is used correctly and managed by the web company by using the right add-ons to ensure hackers out there can’t gain access. This is why it gets some negative publicity as it’s the most used CMS tool in the world and hence gets attempts to hack in all the time.

Although WordPress was first created to control blogs it has been substantially improved and adapted so that it can now control very complex websites. Out of the box it is limited without a lot of “Plugins” being added, some of which are free but the more powerful additions can cost a small amount but do then make the CMS very powerful.

Some Plugins even give you full control of all elements and let the user (company) manage the content, its looks and layout. Probably needs a design company to make it look good to start with as there are too many goodies for the average user.

DSM even use it to manage this website, although we have made a lot of improvements so it isn’t always obvious. Some plugins in the WordPress CMS can also be customised by web developers and designers to improve their use for the client.

Google are now placing more and more importance on web page loading times so the settings to your web site are very important to get right but it is advanced changes that will need highly skilled people to manage them.

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WordPress CMS builds powerful websites.

The best choices

Using the right one is very important and DSM will advise which CMS will give you what you want

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The most used CMS in the world

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Very powerful Enterprise software

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The first choice for eCommerce websites

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The ultimate Intranet CMS tool