It has been reported that Google are working on a new product called Customer Match, this will give advertisers the ability to serve ads directly to the people on their email lists.

How it Works

The service allows businesses to upload their email lists into their Adwords accounts.

Google will then show ads to the people on the lists when they are signed into an account that Google can identify.

Privacy Issues

The advertiser will not be given information on the individual user, so you will not know that John Smith viewed the ads because the address information will be anonymized and so privacy is maintained.

The other concern that has been raised is verification of email addresses, there will need to be a way for the business to prove to Google that they have permission to use the email addresses, or this could be open to abuse.

Where the Ads are Displayed

The ads are to be shown in the Google search results, YouTube and Gmail.


This is an exciting opportunity for businesses to advertise to groups of people such as recent buyers, loyalty scheme members or those that have not made a purchase for a while, targeting ads at these groups gives a much more focused message and therefore a better chance at making a fresh sale.

The new style of ads is similar to the way advertising on Facebook works.

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