SharePoint CMS is known very well in the corporate market as some licences are allowed within the companies Microsoft and 365 licences.

SharePoint CMS is perhaps the most powerful software when you want to link to data and documents on the company’s server

More used for Intranets due to licensing but even public websites can be built with this software but will involve expensive hosting due to the infrastructure required.

But when used correctly it is very powerful with the amount of data that can be displayed. One of the most important parts is probably documents as it allows for full control, editing and revision control when the user is logged in and given the right permissions.

Some comments are made on its lack of customisation with the web design but this is not true. Granted it does require skilled web designers and developers to set it up correctly but they are able to create any layout the web designer wants to create.

Also developers can build bespoke components but they do need to be .net programming experts. If a client wishes to use the Office 365 version of SharePoint there are a lot of restrictions to what you can do but hosting is taken care of by Microsoft. But the 365 version is a very good alternative, even with its limitations.

A lot of corporate companies use this software for the Intranet because of its ability to link to other Microsoft software like Email and staff directories.

The best choices

Using the right one is very important and DSM will advise which CMS will give you what you want

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The most used CMS in the world

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Very powerful Enterprise software

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The first choice for eCommerce websites

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The ultimate Intranet CMS tool