Driving the Magna Mazda website forward.

Magna Mazda are one of the largest motor dealers in the UK and the main Mazda dealership in Hampshire and Dorset. Their 5 sites carry large volumes of new and used cars all of which need to be listed or featured on the website. This all required careful design and development so that all information and photographic imagery can be easily uploaded into the ‘back-end’ of the site by members of staff and the technology we built in does the rest. In November 2014 we built a brand new site to replace our previous work that had been used successfully for over 5 years.

web design for car brand
Fully responsive website for Mazda, working on desktop, tablet, and mobile. Designed by DSM.
interactive web design for car brand
Interactive website for Magna Mazda.

It’s all About Selling Cars – Easily

We utilised our existing relationship and quizzed the client hard until we had a clear understanding of their new requirements. Our aim was to create and build a site which would appeal to buyers throughout the car ownership journey and provide an exciting and coherent user experience. One of the site’s most important tasks is to promote used cars, we ensured the search tool was easy to use and that the contact info and call to action details on each showroom were clearly visible and accessible.

App’s on Tap

Given the rise in the use of mobile devices to access websites, it became essential for Magna Mazda to provide a way for their customers to engage with the website in any way they needed to at any time of day. As well as a responsive website we built a Web App that all customers can install onto their smartphones to search for cars whenever or from wherever is convenient in their busy lives. Alongside this we built a separate app for the sales staff at Magna Mazda to easily upload new cars to the system complete with photographs and registration lookup.

Magan Mazda web site designed and built by DSM Design

mobile app design

Adding Cars in an Easy Method…

To make it much easier for the client to add cars we built a new Car Dealership WordPress Plugin that pulls data from both Glass’s and CarweB. All any member of the sales team needs to do is open the web app on his phone, enter the registration number of the car, add marketing copy and save. That’s it the car then appears live. The managers have full access to the main system so they can edit and control other details that the dealership needs. In association with:

glasss logoCarweB logo

Codeweavers logo

Moving Magna up a Gear (or Two).
Helping Google Find the Site

Now that the site is live we have been asked to work on the Digital Marketing and help with making the site more successful with SEO, social media and other marketing techniques. This has led to the company wishing to develop and fully exploit the potential to increase the contact and ‘conversation’ with their customers and prospects. A myriad of technological advances and methods of on-line social communication integration have taken place in the last 6 years so we have developed the new site to take full advantage of them.

PPC campaigns with Google ads controlled by DSM

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