Magento eCommerce CMS software is a open source (free) website tool that is one of the best for running eShops.

Magento eCommerce CMS software can run sites even with thousands of products

Magento CMS is the first tool most users consider when building a eshop and certainly goes a lot further than other tools like Woocommerce in WordPress.

Alone with the huge range of extensions (plugins) the software has a lot of functions to organise and sell your products online. It can even manage your Amazon and Ebay listings, or link to other systems so that Magento is fully controlling everything about that product from one source.

Although it has a very user friendly backend it does require expert knowledge to set it all up and manage. The new Magento 2 version has been out for a while and is getting close to having existing issues sorted which will then make it an even better choice.

Like WordPress CMS it does have some security issues and needs patches applied consistently to make sure that as soon as a vulnerability is detected it is upgraded to remove the threat.

It also is very advisable to run the Magento CMS on its own dedicated server to ensure it has the processing power required to run efficiently.

Without a lot of extra changes, the Magento does not handle standard content pages as well as other systems.

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Magneto CMS is a powerful eCommerce platform, used by DSM to create successful online stores.

The best choices

Using the right one is very important and DSM will advise which CMS will give you what you want

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