Supporting one of Bournemouth’s leading hotels to keep pace with change.

Helping a Business Grow

A lot of hotels have made mistakes over the last 20 years by not re-investing and improving the hotels standards and their branding. Not something The Hermitage Hotel can be accused! The hotel has made considerable changes since the current owners purchased the property and is now one of the towns only 4 star hotels.

Over this time we have changed the brand look, improved communication and marketing material. This page provides a small insight into what we have done for this valued client over the last twelve years.

Interactive hotel booking website designed by DSM
Room booking page for Hermitage Hotel. Designed by DSM
Hotel web design by DSM
Booking page for Hermitage Hotel.


Over the time we have been involved we have designed and built the web site 5 times as we constantly keep re-advising on its positioning and improve the functionality. The current site has a booking system that talks directly to the hotels reservation system which enables customers to see live availability and rates, and saves the hotel staff time when bookings are made as they are automatically added to the system. To do this we had to work with the systems API to develop a component that could be added to the web site.

The User Experience design of the site had to be carefully considered so that customers can find what they need quickly and then book through the easy sequential stages of the booking page. The site is fully responsive ensuring what ever device the site is being viewed on the experience is optimal. –


The Hermitage has a major advantage over its competitors, because of location! It is with out doubt in the most wonderful position being 2 minutes to the beach, a few steps to the Bournemouth International Centre and only 10 minutes through gardens to the shops – something we have used to great advantage in all promotional material. One sunny afternoon our MD was even sent up by the client to photograph from the air, something we are sure he won’t forget. When hanging out the helicopter with no door you don’t want to have to take the shot twice.

brochure and printer designers poole
Brochure design for Hermitage Hotel Bournemouth

Video from Above

Video has become a powerful and incredibly useful tool on websites today, its a great way to communicate your message in an engaging and easy to digest format. When designing the new website for the Hermitage we needed a way to show off the location so we commissioned this video using a drone to do just that. Embedded into the new Hermitage website users can get a feel for just how great a location the hotel is in before reading a single word on the site. Along with the rest of the website the video was designed to be responsive and adapt to whatever device the visitor is using.

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