A complete re-brand, new web site and marketing material as Harlees expand across the south

Moving the brand into the correct markets

Harlees are a fish and chip shop chain based in the South of England and are opening more fish restaurants with take-away facilities.

DSM created a new brand to change their position to more restaurant focused. In creating the new brand we also created graphic elements and a colour scheme that could be used to further enhance their position.

HARLEES logo with strapline

Harlees branding material from DSM

Using the brand effectively

At DSM we are very keen to see branding used correctly across everything from menus to staff uniforms, posters, to the shops interior.

With the elements we created, we have a lot of scoop to make everything looking very eye catching and reflect a high quality product.

We even created a custom font for use across everything including the website.

New website

Once the branding was complete we moved on to looking at how the website could function and look more appealing. We also wanted to introduce other functions like menus for the restaurant, that the client could edit on the website and then download for printing.

A lot of exciting functions are being looked at like take-away online purchase and restaurant table booking.

Harlees fish and chip web site by DSM Design
Harlees Locations I Harlees Fish location

The most recent piece of communication for Harlees has been their new website. Whilst the new branding is being rolled out across all the shops, Harlees still needed a new website to tie it all together. The new site went live in October and the results have so far been exceptionally positive. We look forward to continuing the development of the Harlees brand.

You can visit the Harlees website and see for yourself

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