Painting a better online presence.

A New Platform. An E-Commerce System that can go the Distance

Everything Airbrush approached DSM to create a new e-commerce solution for their now dated website. The old system was limited in functionality, difficult to update and offered a poor user experience. DSM proposed building a new site using Magento to improve all the elements and bring in more sales.

ecommerce web design
Everything Airbrush Responsive web design.
search optimisation and digital marketing services for ecommerce
SEO work for Everything Airbrush.

Digital Marketing SEO and PPC Considerations

Throughout the build process SEO was considered & once the site was finished we started working on a digital marketing campaign to drive new existing clients to the site. We have significantly improved the PPC KPI’s across the board without increasing the PPC budget. With the client already performing well on their key SEO terms we have looked to improve long tail SEO queries and this has meant that organic search continues to improve and importantly convert. Social & Email marketing were 2 opportunities not being fully utilised by the client and have been other channels we have been using to keep existing customers informed and returning the site. Individual campaign statistics for the Email marketing have been particularly promising demonstrating fantastic engagement with the audience with unique content being produced for both social and email channels.

A Fresh Mobile Friendly Design.

One of the main considerations was ensuring the design was easy to use with clear navigation and importantly mobile friendly. We created a solution that was fully responsive ensuring the site worked perfectly no matter the device it was viewed with a prominent search feature to enable customers to quickly find the correct item given the technical nature of the products.

mobile ecommerce design
Mobile responsive ecommerce for Everything Airbrush.

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