Don't underestimate Branding

This is an area that is often overlooked, best practice is to have your branding strategies at the forefront of your website. It is important to create a sense of voice and personality for your business, then represent that on your website.

Think of your website as a storefront!

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Example of excellent logo design by FedEx (Source)

Whilst some of the world's most famous brands spend large quantities of money on their logos, it doesn't have to be that way. In the age we live in you can thank Google for solving a lot of your demands. Online logo makers use sophisticated artificial intelligence to whip up fresh looking logos in minutes; and most importantly, for a low cost. These are great tools for a start-up business on a very limited budget. However, if you're a company wanting to build an effective brand it is recommended to seek the services of expert graphic designers.

Create Effective Video Content for your Website

It is undeniable that video content is a direct method to gain the attention of audiences. By 2020, online videos will make up more than 80% of all consumer internet traffic (85% in the US). An enticing homepage video provides an incentive for website visitors to gain a quick (and hopefully interesting) rundown of your business and services.

It doesn't stop there, however. By embracing video marketing you can place it as a focal point of marketing communication. Have you created an online tutorial for a product/service perhaps? Take the points touched within the video and turn it into an in-depth ebook where website visitors can sign up with their email and download for free.

Moreover, you can go down the route of an animated video, using tools such as Renderforest and Animaker. These require no expertise and provide easy-to-use drag and drop usability. Perfect for showcasing your business and what you have to offer.

Mould the User Experience

Acing the customer journey is key to achieving high levels of conversions. Before you begin designing your website you need to understand how to provide an effective user experience.

Create a customer journey map to visualise how visitors will browse the site and the steps they take until actioning a conversion. If you are redesigning a page on your website, use a heat map tool that will provide you with analytical data regarding how visitors view the site and it's content. Then take that information and use it as a foundation for your redesign.

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Hotjar heat map dashboard (Source)

Use CTAs (Call to actions) within pages and posts to direct your customer through the marketing funnel. A well-placed button instructing the customer can be the difference between no conversion and a conversion.

Trim the Jargon

Technical terms can scare away customers, they will be reluctant to purchase anything they do not understand. Sticking to non-jargon web design is an efficient practice. Visitors on your website expect:

  • Clear and concise titles
  • Descriptions with basic information the customer is searching
  • Include any required technical information in its own section

Make their browsing experience one where they feel comfortable and can relate to what they're viewing. Not only will your visitors thank you for it, but Google also ranks pages that are easier to read higher in the results page. Use readability test tools to check if your content is high ranking worthy.

Content is King!

Content marketing is favourited by marketers for a very good reason. It is a wide toolset to reach out to audiences, gain leads, provide value, promote, and much, much more. There are many types of content;

  • Written (Blogs, Ebooks, Presentations, Case Studies)
  • Video (Tutorials, Reviews, Webinars, Adverts, Vlogs)
  • Audio (Podcasts, Ebooks, Talk Shows)

Create content for your website that will leave your customers with an itch for more. It takes time to create a killer blog piece for example; and there are a lot of factors that go into it. "Skimming" is common among readers, they tend to read over the content quickly in an "F" shape.

writing effective content

Heat map shows how readers scan content

Keep this in mind and place important value your blog has to offer within the hottest areas of the "F". Enticing viewers to read on, as they will decide within seconds if they will continue reading the blog.

Ultimately, to get visitors to your blog in the first place you will need to create an effective title. Make it compelling, as it can be the make or break when it comes to people clicking. Ensure it is worded for Search Engine Optimisation so readers will find your blog as a solution for what they're searching.

Don't Disregard the Data

Every time a visitor lands on your site it adds to the metric powerhouse that is Google Analytics (Once set up correctly). Understanding the information GA provides can unlock much potential for your website and the changes made. Most importantly, it is the clearest indicator of your website performing well or not!

One of the most common issues on websites is a high "bounce rate". This occurs when a visitor lands on your website but leaves without performing an action. Reasons for this include;

  • Poor UX Design
  • Distracting/Unclear Content
  • Irrelevant Search Terms
  • Accidental/Baited Clicks (Click Bait)

Experts say the preferred maximum is around a 45% bounce rate. If your percentage is averaging above that, then you need to restructure your web design and customer experience.

Every detail on a page is important, from your branding to your content. Use data to understand what your customers interact well with. By creating an efficient website your bounce rate will lower and Google will reward you for that. First impressions count and that initial impact needs to be positive.

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